Blemish Stick - .5 oz

by Metabolic Maintenance

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This blemish stick is a convenient way to soften the skin while spot-treating blemishes. It contains a higher concentration of NaiDerm (Vitamin B-3), and no harsh chemicals, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acide, which can thin and dry the skin. Combine with the Naturally Clear 45-Day Skin System for a complete skin system that fights blemishes inside and out! 0.5 oz. Twice the concentration of blemish fighting NiaDerm – Vitamin B-3. Softens the skin while reducing blemishes. No harsh chemicals, no benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which can thin and dry the skin. Convenient, carry anywhere.

Ingredients: Distilled water, niacinamide, L-lysine HCl, aloe vera juice, sodium PCA (natural moisturizer)