Candex 120 Vegi Caps

by Pure Essence Labs

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Brand Pure Essence Labs
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The body is a miraculous system that does a great job
keeping the naturally co-existing microorganisms working
in harmony most of the time, but sometimes that balance
is upset. Maintaining a healthy balance in the body
through digestive support has been a practice used by
health practitioners throughout the world for several
thousand years. Today we know a lot more about using
enzymes to balance the different organisms throughout
the body. Good bacteria can get overwhelmed when the
body doesn’t process sugars and other carbohydrates well
enough. Probiotics can help, but sometimes they are not
enough. Candex™ can support a healthy balance of flora in
the body.*
For over 15 years, Candex™ has been the most potent
blend of plant-based, fiber-digesting enzymes available.
It’s so popular that other companies have tried to copy
the Candex™ formula. In attempts to appear unique some
companies have added protease (protein-digesting)
enzymes to the fiber-digesting enzyme formula of
Candex™. We believe this is counterproductive because
protease enzymes may compromise the health of
probiotics, which are the friendly flora that are essential
for good intestinal health.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
SUGGESTED USE: Day one, one capsule. Day two, one capsule, twice daily.
Day three and after, two capsules, twice daily. Always use between meals with at least 8 oz. of water. For maintenance, one capsule at bedtime.
CHILDREN: One-half capsule, twice daily.
AVAILABLE SIZES: 40 Capsules, 80 Capsules, 120 Capsules
Amount Per Serving %DV
Cellulase (vegetarian) 64,000 CU*
Hemicellulase (vegetarian) 40,000 HCU *
Amylase (vegetarian) 4000 SKB *
Invertase (vegetarian)1000 SU*
Glucoamylase (vegetarian) 200 AG*
Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, l-leucine, pullulan (vegetable capsule).
Storage: Keep tightly closed at room temperature.
Caution: This product contains enzymes. If you experience abdominal discomfort including bloating, gas, indigestion, cramps, and irregularity, discontinue use immediately. Please keep all supplements out of children’s reach.