Greens First Boost 9.95-Ounce

by Greens First

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Brand Greens First
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Contains Certified Organic fruits and vegetables which are first juiced, then spray dried at low temperatures, leaving all the important nutrients and live enzymes intact.
Works synergistically in your body providing 49 different super foods, extracts and concentrates including super greens, organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids and digestive enzymes.

    Greens First Superfood Description


    Your Entire Body Will Love It • Taste Buds Included!

    New 15+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
    Tastes Great
    Certified Organic Fruits & Vegetables
    49 Different Super Foods
    Probiotics For Healthy Digestion
    Wheat • Dairy • MSG • Preservatives
    •  Antioxidant Power of 15+ Servings of Fruits and Vegetables in Every Scoop!

    Greens First® Helps to Support pH Alkaline Balance

     Green First is a nutrient-rich, antioxidant super food that may help to aklalize balance and nourish your whole, it gives you something unexpected...Great Taste!

     What makes Greens First The Number One Choice in Super Food Drink Mixes? Greens First is guaranteed great tasting and refreshing mixed with plain water. No need to add fruit juices that are loaded with extra calories and carbohydrates! Greens First is fortified with proprietary OxiSure™ Blend, so each serving has the phytonutrient and antioxidant power of 15+ servings of fruits and vegetables!

     Greens First is fortified with Beta-Glucan, a USDA patented oat fiber! Greens First contains 49 different super foods, extracts and concentrates, including supergreens, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, soluble fiber, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, enzymes and lecithin. Greens First contains Certified Organic fruits, vegetables and barley grass which are first juiced, then naturally spray dried without solvents at low temperature, leaving all the important nutrients intact. Greens First Contains NO yeast, corn, wheat, soy protein, dairy, egg, MSG, preservatives, artificial color or artificial flavor.



    Mix one level scoop with 6-8 oz of cold water. Shake in a closed container and enjoy. It's perfect first thing in the morning within 30 minutes upon arising or anytime!   Eating Right Just Got Easier - The Greens First Wellness Shake! The Greens First Wellness Shake is made by mixing & matching 1 scoop of Greens First (Original or Berry) together with 1 scoop of either flavor of Greens First Boost® (Chocolate or Vanilla) in 8-10 oz of cold water. Shake well & enjoy! It's the perfect nutritious and delicious "instant breakfast" or an anytime "energy booster" and part of The Alkalize Now-pH Balance Program.
    Free Of
    Wheat, dairy, MSG and preservatives.
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