Incrediwear Incredibrace Tec-3 Arm/Calf Sleeve

by Incrediwear

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Brand Incrediwear
Item Number 858349003325
Weight 0.15 lb
Dimensions 3.500” W X 12.000”H X 0.750” D
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Increase circulation. Thermal regulating. Moisture wicking. Anion technology. Tec-3 Incredibrace: a breakthrough in infrared textile technology. What are anions? Anions are negatively charged atoms that, when absorbed by the body, stimulates molecular vibration and circulation. How does our product work? When the body warms our unique bamboo carbonized charcoal products, they release therapeutic anions, resulting in increased blood and oxygen circulation. Each garment is laser Doppler studied showing up to a 17% increase in blood flow and blood speed. Increased blood flow can result in accelerated performance and recovery! How fast does it work? Results have shown that most feel a difference in 20 minutes, and sometimes sooner. The Tec-3 and Incredibraces have helped those with discomfort from arthritis, inflammation, cramps, numbness, arm pump, tendonitis and fatigue. Wearers have reported a reduction in discomfort and an enhanced range of motion while playing, working, running, biking, motorcycle racing, climbing, competing in martial arts, lifting weights, at rest and sleeping .