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What benefits does Squeeze bring to our health?

Squeeze supports urinary tract and kidney health. It helps prevent kidney stones and remove existing grains from the kidneys without the burning sensation associated with this condition. It decreases uric acid which is indicated for gout disease. It is recommended in cases of hypertension, because often the beginning of high blood pressure is caused by fluid retention. Squeeze expels excess water without risk, maintaining the blood pressure balance.
Squeeze is known to act in a gentle manner to maintain water equilibrium, as well as essential electrolytes.

Squeeze is a 100% effective herbal diuretic

Designed for those men and women who need to lose weight quickly.
Sometimes burning fat doesn't occur as fast as we would like, but Squeeze helps to lose three kilos (more than 6.5 pounds) in two weeks, accordingly you will look slimmer with a smoother skin. The Squeeze formula removes only liquids deposited under the skin, subcutaneous water, and keeps the water you need in your muscles. The results are evident in the first 12 hours of treatment.
Sometimes even if you have an optimal percentage of fat you can look swollen and soft. This can be caused by excess fluid retained under our skin. The effective Squeeze formula ensures optimal hydration of the muscle tissue, which is needed to for a good, toned look. Squeeze is designed for prolonged treatment of fluid retention issues, hypertension, etc., because it has no side effects. It is also consumed by athletes or models before competitions or photo sessions to show off better muscle tone as there is no risk like with other diuretic drugs. It is ideal for any set-up, including trips to the beach or pool. Remember that we can take off 3 kilos (more than 6.5 pounds) in only two weeks, with the consequent loss of size. Do you have a wedding just around the corner? Get ready with Squeeze, nobody will tell you “your dress is tight”. Squeeze is very effective in removing water from legs, waist, abdomen and hips. Come on, lose that water without wasting 2 hours in the sauna!!

Sculpt Squeeze highlights:

  • 100% effective and natural formula
  • Supports urinary tract and kidney health
  • Lose weight quickly and easily

Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.
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