Green Vibrance 240 Capsules

by Vibrant Health

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Brand Vibrant Health
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Green Vibrance taken daily drives us toward these goals by improving some very basic and essential biological requirements and functions. It boosts

  • Nutrition, by supplying an abundance of healthful micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and bioactive food substances).
  • Digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
  • Circulation, to enhance nutrient delivery to all cells of the body, even those at the periphery of the capillaries' reach.

  • Provides a host of trace nutrients from nutrient-dense, organically grown, concentrated whole foods.
    They are:

  • Certified organic Barley grass and juice powder
  • Certified organic Oat grass and juice juice powder
  • Certified organic Kamut grass juice powder
  • Certified organic Spirulina powder
  • Chlorella ( pharmaceutical grade) (Korea)
  • Certified organic Beet juice powder
  • Certified organic, de-oiled Flax seed concentrate
  • Certified organic Acerola berry juice powder (25% natural vitamin C)
  • Certified organic Parsley
  • Certified organic Carrot root powder
  • Certified organic Spinach
  • Certified organic Alfalfa sprout powder
  • Certified organic Broccoli sprout powder
  • Freeze dried Green Bean powder
  • Freeze dried Zucchini powder
  • Certified organic Rockweed (sea vegetable)