U.T. Vibrance 50 Tablets

by Vibrant Health

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Mannose s U.T.Vibrance combines European D-mannose with carefully selected botanical extracts and powders traditionally used to support healthy urinary tract function. It comes in both tablets and as a mildly sweet tasting powder that mixes easily in any number of your favorite beverages.Mannose is a sugar that passes through the human system unmetabolized. Once absorbed, it quickly finds its way to the kidneys to be passed in the urine. Whole cranberry and blueberry as well as dandelion, parsley, bearberry, golden seal and golden rod have also been traditionally used to nutritionally support healthy urinary tract function. Modern science now tells us the organic acids and proanthocyanidins of these botanicals may complement Mannose in helping maintain a healthy urinary tract.

  • Crisis intervention formula for urogenital health.
  • Supports healthy urogenital and bladder function.
  • 150 mg of cranberry extract
  • Gluten and Soy free.
  • Truth, Trust, and Transparency
  • D-Mannose, Uva-Ursi leaf extract, (20% Arbutin), Blueberry, whole fruit, Cranberry, whole fruit, Dandelion Root, Taraxacum o cinale, European Goldenrod (aerial parts), Goldenseal root, Hydrastis canadensis, Parsley (aerial parts) juice.

    Directions As a dietary supplement, take one (1) scoop, (5.725g) every 3 to 4 waking hours in water, blueberry or cranberry juice. Do this daily until contents of the jar have been consumed. Drink plenty of fluids. If irration persists, see your physician.